Collected Notes

Wolfgang Förstner

Bonn, 2024

"Unlike the novel, a short story may be, for all purposes, essential."
Jorge Luis Borges

This is a collection of notes I wrote for preparing lectures, for publications or for communicating with collegues on interesting topics. They partially go back more than two decades. May be it is useful to make them public, though the relevance of each individual note, of cource, has to be evaluated by the reader. The complete text is in this pdf. The individual notes are linked to the corresponding pages of this pdf. Some of the notes refer to code. The Cinderella animations are a subset of a larger collection.



       Information Theory
       Signal Theory
       Logistic Regression
       Forward and Backpropagation in a Neural Network
       Bayes- and Maximum-Likelihood-Estimation
Technical Notes
       Statistics and Estimation Theory
       Estimation of Geometric Entities
       Image Analysis
       Notes on Geometry
       Bundle Adjustment and Surface Reconstruction
       On Mathematics
Miscelleaneous Notes

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