P7. An Incremental Refinement of a Semantic Building and Landscape Model

Homepage: http://www.ikg.uni-bonn.de/forschung/mod.html
Project coordinator/staff: L. Plümer, S. Behnke, R.Seikh, Y. Dehbi
Summary: Based on the surface interpretation and using a scene model, the aim of this project is to achieve an incremental interpretation of the scene. The latter is integrated into the map management modul. Simultaneously, key information about potential obstacles such as overhead lines will be provided to facilitate navigation. The innovative value of this project lies in the ability to predict previously unobserved substructures based on symmetry recognition as well as in the incremental semantic interpretation of the geometric map. The latter is available in different levels of detail and is based on the flight movement of the drone using attributed grammars and relational learning.