P3. 3D-Navigation and Obstacle Detection for Leightweight UAVs

Homepage: http://www.ais.uni-bonn.de/MoD
Project coordinator/staff: S. Behnke, H. Kuhlmann, D. Droeschel, D. Holz, M. Nieuwenhuisen, M. Beul
Summary: This project develops methods for the autonomous navigation of a small flying robot in the vicinity of obstacles. Navigation goals will be pursued at different time scales. Based on the demands of a user, which are made according to a preliminary semantic model of the scene, an observation mission is planned. The resulting view poses of the robot’s main senor are used as waypoints for 3D path planning, which is based on an allocentric map available from project P6. The start of the resulting trajectory is communicated to the flying robot, which will refine the plan, based on the egocentric occupancy map generated in P2, learned robot dynamics, and considering wind.