P2. Local Perception for the Navigation of Leightweight UAVs

Homepage: http://www.ais.uni-bonn.de/MoD
Project coordinator/staff:S. Behnke, R. Klein, D. Droeschel, D. Holz, M. Nieuwenhuisen
Summary: This project aims at generating an egocentric representation of the environment around a small flying robot, which allows for safe 3D navigation and obstacle avoidance. Input to the mapping process are robot pose estimates from project P1 and measurements of onboard distance sensors, such as a movable laser range finder, ultrasonic distance sensors and point-based stereo. The precision of the occupancy representation is determined by the needs of navigation. It suffices to use relative precision, with coarser resolution at larger distances from the robot. The egocentric occupancy map will be maintained with high rate onboard the robot. In addition to obstacles measured by the onboard sensors, we will also incorporate obstacles coming from an allocentric map (maintained in project P6) and no-fly zones. In return, this project will provide the egocentric maps to the ground station.