eTRIMS - E-Training for Interpreting Images of Man-Made Scenes
other projects: ACTIPRET: Interpreting and Understanding Activities of Expert Operators for Teaching and Education
BACS: Bayesian Approach to Cognitive Systems
CASBLIP: Cognitive Aid System for Blind People
CAVIAR: Context Aware Vision Using Image-Based Active Recognition
CLASS: Cognitive-Level Annotation using Latent Statistical Structure
COGVISYS: Cognitive Vision Systems
COMMROB: Advanced Behaviour and High-level Multimodal Communication With and Among Robots
COSPAL: Cognitive Systems using Perception-Action Learning
COSY: Cognitive Systems for Cognitive Assistants
DECISIONS-IN-MOTION: Neural Decision-Making in Motion
DETECT: Real Time Detection of Motion Picture Content in Live Broadcasts
DIRAC: Detection and Identification of Rare Audio-visual Cues
GNOSYS: An Abstraction Architecture for Cognitive Agents
HERMES: Human-Expressive Representations of Motion and their Evaluation in Sequence
JAST: Joint-Action Science and Technology
LAVA: Learning for adaptable visual assistants
MACS: Multisensory Autonomous Cognitive Systems
MATHESIS: Observational Learning in Cognitive Agents
MindRaces: Mind RACES: from Reactive to Anticipatory Cognitive Embodied Systems
PACO-PLUS: Perception, Action and Cognition through Learning of Object-Action Complexes
RASCALLI: Responsive Artificial Situated Cognitive Agents Living and Learning on the Internet
ROBOSWARM: Knowledge Environment for Interacting ROBOt SWARMs
SENSOPAC: SENSOrimotor structuring of Perception and Action for emerging Cognition
SPARK: Spatial-temporal patterns for action-oriented perception in roving robots
VAMPIRE: Visual Active Memory Processes and Interactive REtrieval
VISATEC: Vision-based Integrated Systems Adaptive to Task and Environment with Cognitive abilities
networks: ECVISION: European Research Network for Cognitive Computer Vision Systems
EURON: European Robotics Research Network
PASCAL: Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling and Computational Learning
ROBOT-CUB: Robotic Open-architecture Technology for Cognition, Understanding and Behaviours