eTRIMS - E-Training for Interpreting Images of Man-Made Scenes
News: The very last eTRIMS Meeting was the final review on November, 5th 2009 in Hamburg


The work done in the Prague group within the eTRIMS project helped receive a Google Research Award for the topic of Automatic Creation of 3D Segmented Models of Complex Buildings from a Small Number of Photographs.


A Cartoon by Maria Petrou about the project

Older News: Benchmark data set of eTRIMS Image Database Mar 31, 2009. Official release with 60 annotated images

eTRIMS Review Meeting at Hamburg

18 June 2008

Arne Kreutzmann, Kasim Terzić, Radim Šára, Lothar Hotz, Susanne Wenzel, Bernd Neumann, Maria Petrou, Wolfgang Förstner
Johannes Hartz, Robby T. Tan, Filip Korč, Martin Drauschke, Jan Šochman, Mohammad Jahangiri


We are proud to announce that the paper
“Learning Fast Emulator of a Binary Decision Process”
by Jan Šochman and Jiří Matas
presented on the ACCV 2007 received

Sang Uk Lee Outstanding Paper Award

J. Šochman and J. Matas. Learning A Fast Emulator of a Binary Decision Process. In ACCV, volume II of LNSC, pages 236-245, Berlin Heidelberg, 2007. Springer. ISBN 978-3-540-76389-5.