Department of Photogrammetry, University of Bonn
First download the package from here.

If you want to use it, you have to add the following jar-Files to your classpath:
You can find an online tutorial for SUGR on this website either by hitting the corresponding navigation-bar button on top of this page or by following this link:


The Tutorial should provide you with some first steps with using SUGR.
As examples two little applets and two example programs exist. All examples are included in the download packages.

The ConstructionApplet shows how to construct a new geometric element out of two given ones. The RelationApplet performs a statistical test. You can start them simply by calling their mains:

java sugr.GUI.SwingApplet Run in browser
java sugr.GUI.RelationApplet Run in browser

If you have not set your CLASSPATH you must type (in the package home directory):

java -cp colt.jar;sugr_java.jar sugr.GUI.SwingApplet


java -cp colt.jar;sugr_java.jar sugr.GUI.RelationApplet

Two example programs you will find in the download packages:
  • : Two little functions for construction and testing. Can be used as first example.
  • Generation of a virtual chair with use of transformations.
API Documentation
A html documentation for all classes is available in the package in directory doc/html and online.
Nearly all algorithms and formulas used in this software can be found in:

Heuel, S.: Uncertain Projective Geometry. Lecture Notes in Computer Science No. 3008, Springer 2004.