Depth streaming using H.264

This software provides the tools needed to reproduce the results described in the paper


F. Nenci, L. Spinello and C. Stachniss: Effective Compression of Range Data Streams for Remote Robot Operations using H.264. Proc. of The International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 2014 (pdf)


As these scripts create and save on the disk a large amount of images, and make use of the ‘x264’ and ‘ffmpeg’ commands as external tools, the time performances are not comparable with those described in the paper. In order to get realtime performances the C libraries provided by x264 and FFmpeg have to be included in your own code.

It is our intention to release a easily usable interface to use our method as a C++ library, so to allow for an effective use of the method in real-life use cases.