Modern C++ Course (2018)

This page contains all the information on the course Modern C++ for Computer Vision and Image Processing including all lecture videos (also available on YouTube), lecture slides, and the homework assignments.

Direct links to the 2018 course material: Videos | Slides | Homework Assignments

Videos of the lectures


  • Lecture_0: Course Introduction and Hello World
  • Lecture_1: Variables, Basic Types, Control Structures
  • Lecture_2: Compilation, Debugging, Functions, Header/Source, Libraries, CMake
  • Lecture_3: Google Test, Namespaces, Classes
  • Lecture_4: Move Semantics, Classes
  • Lecture_5: Polymorphism, I/O, Stringstreams, CMake find
  • Lecture_6: Static, Numbers in memory, Raw C arrays, Non-owning pointers, Classes in memory
  • Lecture_7: Pointers, const with pointers, Stack and Heap, Memory leaks, Dangling pointers
  • Lecture_8: Smart/Unique/Shared pointers, Associative containers, Type casting, Enumeration, Binary files
  • Lecture_9: Templates, Iterators, Exceptions, Program input parameters, OpenCV

Homework Assignments: