Photogrammetry I & II

The Course

The Photogrammetry I & II courses are thaught in the 4th and 5th semester of the BSc program for Geodesy and Geoinformation (Geodäsie und Geoinformation). This page contains the latest source files for the slides of the both courses taught by Cyrill Stachniss at the University of Bonn. The slides have been created by myself, Cyrill Stachniss, but I heavily relied on the very well prepared scripts by Wolfgang Förstner. I have tried to acknowledge people from whom is used slides, image, or video material. In case I have missed something, please let me know. Feel free to use and change the slides. The intention behind sharing my material with other lecturers to reduce the workload when preparing lectures. If you adapt this course material, please make sure you keep the acknowledgements to other people’s work. If you use the slides, I appreciate an acknowledgement and – to satisfy my own curiosity – please send me a short email notice.



To obtain the PDF and Powerpoint (pptx) slides, send an email to and you will receive a copy.


Video Recordings

Video Recordings are available through YouTube: 2015/16 Playlist


Course Topics:

Introduction to Photogrammetry
Camera Basics
Sensor and Image Model
Histograms and Point Operators
Binary Images
Ensemble Methods for Classification
Dimensionality Reduction
Local Operators
Geometric Transformations on Images
Feature Detection – Edge Detection
Feature Detection – Förstner Operator
Image Segmentation and Clustering
Homogeneous Coordinates
Camera Extrinsics and Intrinsics
Camera Orientation
Geometry of the Image Pair
Epipolar Geometry
Direct Solution for the Relative Orientation
Iterative Solution for the Relative Orientation
Spatial forward intersection
Absolute Orientation
Orientation of the Image Pair
Multi-View Geometry
Bundle Adjustment
Incremental State Estimation
Linear, Extended, and Unscented Kalman Filter
Simultaneous Localization and Mapping with the EKF