Automatic Geometric and Semantic

Reconstruction of Buildings from Images

by Extraction of 3D-Corners and their 3D-Aggregation

Felicitas Lang ,Institute for Photogrammetry, Bonn University


(in german: Zusammenfassung )

During the last years, three-dimensional building data have increasingly gained importance for practical applications as in architecture and planning. Aerial images are suitable for the photogrammetric reconstruction of buildings. This thesis makes a contribution to automatic building extraction from multiple overlapping images. The reconstruction comprises the extraction of the geometric as well as the semantic object description, i.e. the interpretation of the objects.

The modeling of knowledge about the scene by means of object-, image- and sensor-modeling plays an important role in the extraction from image data. The complexity of the objects as well as their appearance in the images requires the use of a hierarchical building model that contains both a part-of and a specialization hierarchy.

The part-of hierarchary comprises different levels of domain-specific aggregation and enables the access to the semantics of the objects by using the class-specific geometric and topologic properties of the objects and the connectivity relations between objects of different levels.

The specific features of the procedure are the following:

The procedure allows the reconstruction and interpretation of complex buildings of variable geometry, topology and structure.

The algorithm is demonstrated on different image material. It shows promising results, especially in suburban areas.


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