2020-03-19: Remote Teaching during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear Students,

The current COVID-19 situation is difficult for all of us. In order to allow you to attend as many courses as possible and complete your study plan with minimum delays, we will try hard and will offer all courses in an online fashion.

Our plan is to make all lectures that will be taught in the summer term 2020 available as video lectures on YouTube. In addition to that, we will have question sessions via a live video conferencing system with the lecturer and the same for the tutorials. This might not be the perfect setup but the closest thing we can do to teaching in the lecture room.

We will start our video lecture early and aim at making all the material available in the beginning of April 2020 on our website. This will allow you to start taking our classes around the original schedule of the term and thus during a time when most of you will have to stay at home. We will be flexible w.r.t. the submission date for homework assignments.

This will affect all our courses, for the summer term 2020, this will:

  • Photogrammetry 1
  • Sensors and State Estimation 2
  • Modern C++
  • Master project (Stachniss – Kuhlmann – McCool)

The Master project course will be done using 1:1 supervision with regular live video supervision and will probably be a bit more structured compared to previous years. All in all, we will try to do our best to allow you to study your mandatory and elective courses with our lab in the summer term 2020.

All the best and stay healthy,
Cyrill Stachniss