UAV Sugarbeets 2015-16 Datasets

This page contains several datasets of sugar beet fields spanning over multiple weeks for two different fields. The following table gives an overview of the datasets

Field Ses. Date # of images crop size weather
A 1 May 20 45 7 cm cloudy
2 May 27 175 10 cm sunny
3 June 17 121 15 cm overcast
4 June 22 140 20 cm cloudy
B 1 May 8 99 5 cm sunny
2 June 5 95 15 cm cloudy

Field A:
For the first field (A), we recorded the datasets across four sessions using a DJI MATRICE 100 UAV. The flight altitude for each session is between 8 m to 12 m above the ground. We recorded the images using the Zenmuse X3 camera with an image resolution of 4000 × 2250 pixels having a ground sampling distance of 4 mm per pixel at a height of 10 m.

Example Images

Download: Field A (1.7GB)

Field B:
For the second field (B), we used a DJI PHANTOM 4 UAV across two sessions recorded almost one month apart. The UAV was equipped with a GoPro camera set up to take an image every second at a resolution of 3840 × 2880. The flight altitude for the two sessions varied between 10 m and 18 m above the ground having a ground sampling distance of 9 mm per pixel at 15 m height.The average plant sizes in the fields range from 5 cm to 20 cm in diameter across the crop season.

Example Images

Download: Field B (1GB)

We thank Raghav Khanna, Frank Liebisch for assisting with the data acquisition campaign and ETH Zurich Crop Science group for providing access to the fields.

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