Final Presentation

September 7, 1999

Technische Universität München

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If you are interested get the invitation leaflet (PS-file)
The Smati'99 Proceedings are available via Internet.

Acquiring spatial data for Geoinformation Systems is still mainly done by human operators who analyze images using classical photogrammetric equipment or digitize maps. Automation of these tasks is difficult due to the complexity of the objects, the topography, and the deficiency of current tools for achieving a reliable transition from the data to the high level description of topographic objects. It appears that progress in automation only can be achieved by incorporating domain specific semantic models.

The workshop is the final presentation of the project Semantic Modeling and Extraction of Spatial Objects from Images and Maps funded by the German Science Foundation DFG since 1993.

The workshop will consist of oral and poster presentations as well as software demonstrations.

It takes place in Munich and precedes the ISPRS Conference on Automatic Extraction of GIS Objects from Digital Imagery

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